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Are you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about achieving the abundant life you desire?

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Just a few short years ago, I was a single mom with no support, in debt, and working multiple jobs to make ends meet. I thought I could handle everything until I reached a breaking point. But I realized that I wasn't alone and sought a way out.

Have you tried different methods to manifest your dreams but have had no success? Do you feel like you are alone in your struggles and unable to move forward? I have been in your shoes.

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My easy-to-follow curriculum focuses on untangling the programming behind our limiting beliefs and leading us to the path of our desires. I am proud of this course and excited to share how you can break free from a victim mentality and become the person you want to be. The one action I took was to stop managing my time and start prioritizing what's important to me. I made time for my goals and purpose, and you can too. 

Today, I am a stay-at-home mom and successful business entrepreneur who has manifested many of my desires, including my dream car, six-figure income, frequent vacations, and even homeschooling my daughters. 

In my course Declare Your Life, I share the six modules that helped me break free from limiting beliefs and find my purpose. 

"If you need support and a shift in your life if calling you, then you need Heather!! "

Before Heather, I really struggled with balancing mom life, a career, and homeschooling. I suffered from anxiety and would stress out just thinking “How am I going to make it through another day?” Because of Heather's guidance, I am more present, focused, and thriving in my business and family life. My marriage of 14 years is better than it has ever been and I am now a more patient mom and wife. I can never go back to the life and woman I was before Heather."

- Jessa

Engage in guided morning, afternoon, and night breathwork, visualization tools, a course workbook, affirmations, and a well-being checklist.

Six modules that will break down how to create the space needed for manifesting. 

Transform your relationship with money by addressing blockages around fear, guilt, resentment, and anger.

Change your mindset regarding old beliefs and patterns around money.

Explore how your subconscious was programmed.

Declare Your Life Course

Bonus: Access a morning, afternoon, and nighttime breathwork guide for stress relief, healing from being sick, and help with digestive issues.

"Wherever you are on your journey, Heather will find a way to help you improve."

Heather will push you, but in a good way. She will help you identify what you need to do and achieve it. She is fantastic at explaining and identifying your triggers so you can start to journal them out and start going deeper within yourself. I am forever grateful for everything she has taught me and for her patience in teaching me how to better care for myself, both physically and mentally.

- Rachel

We'll discuss your intentions for the training, explore your current goals and envision your future self, reflect on how you want to reclaim and declare your life and identify the areas where you currently feel stuck.

You are not alone, I'm here to guide you.

Module 1: Identifying Your Goals and Mindset

Getting to know oneself through observations of patterns

Affirmations to start your journey with the course

Understanding how to tap into your full potential

Journaling prompts to shape your new future visions

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Course Modules

Module 2: How to Identify Your Current Beliefs and How Your Subconscious Was Formed

Childhood programming influences our perception of money

Limiting beliefs picked up from various sources

Words and phrases that contribute to negative money beliefs

Childhood observations shaping money-related beliefs

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Course Modules

Subconscious beliefs influence your current financial reality

Environmental factors impacting the money relationship

Overcoming conflicts with desires for more money

Recognizing and clearing blockages related to anxiety, fear, guilt, resentment, and anger

Module 3: Identify Your Relationship With Money Today

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Course Modules

Assessing the energy of your home, office, gym, stores, etc

Understanding what your living spaces represent

Clearing physical and emotional clutter

Ensuring energy flow for attracting positivity

Module 4: Identifying Poor Habits and Breaking Free from Them

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Course Modules

Evaluating sleep, morning routine, diet, sensory inputs, and daily movement

Examining relationships, social media usage, and substance consumption

Identifying thoughts and habits affecting overall well-being

Module 5: Identifying Your Well-Being

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Course Modules

Discovering joy and understanding your energy impact

Getting clear on your desires

Engaging in scripting and visualization for manifestation

Maintaining commitment to daily practices even after manifestation begins

Module 6: Identifying Your Dreams, Goals, and Purpose

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Course Modules

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