California girl, proud wife, and mother to my beautiful blended family of 5.

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I'm Heather

I provide support and guidance for women who need help navigating a busy lifestyle and the stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem that can accompany it. As a life coach and yoga instructor, I serve moms who are feeling overwhelmed with big dreams and little time.


My Story

I remember journaling about the man I would marry one day. I had him down to a tee – someone who loved the outdoors and exploring new places, someone who loved to bbq , and above all, someone who loved me and girls unconditionally. Not long after, I met someone who was everything and more than the pages in my journal. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, we got married in 2021 at Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana. It was pure magic. What I didn’t realize throughout my 20’s (as I waited for my husband), was why my love story was taking so long. I now have the answer:

it was that I had to fall in love with myself first.

Cliché? Yes. Truth? Absolutely yes.

The path to radical self-love is rarely an overnight transformation. Our energy is a powerful magnet that influences the daily life we create for ourselves. This was certainly true in my case. For years I felt stuck in cycles of unworthiness and self-doubt – and those feelings showed up in every area of my life. I was overwhelmed and weighed down by my insecurities, with my energy sapped from long workdays and nothing left for me at the end of it all. Even though I was teaching yoga, balance in my own life was a foreign concept. I remember feeling so alone, so exhausted by my own reality that I would often cry and convince myself that no one could possibly understand what I was going through. I was lost in a constant state of victimhood. It was comfortable…until the day it wasn’t.

In my late 30’s, something sparked a light in me. I realized that I had to go through all of those experiences – that the stronger, more resilient me was now my gift to share with the world. Still teaching yoga, I committed to becoming the best version of myself, the teacher version that others saw – both on and off the mat. Since then, I have been dedicated to my path of creating a beautiful future for myself and loved ones that is filled with encouragement, positivity, and self-love, even if at times the road is bumpy. I believe that no matter what life throws our way, determination and focus can help us rise above it all.

If you're feeling drained and disconnected, I'm here to guide and support your journey back into a lane of joy. My mission lies in helping moms and women create an environment that promotes peace and wellbeing from within – through techniques like breathwork, meditation or affirmations that are tailored to their own individual lifestyle goals. Together, we will build the foundations so you can live every day with more confidence, balance, and zest! 

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Growth and surrendering is about meeting yourself where you are right now. It’s about self-awareness, using your intuition, and learning to be uncomfortable to get comfortable in a healthy, gentle way.

If you think you’re alone in your journey, you are not. I am here with you. I work on myself, invest in myself, forgive my past, listen to my intuition, and grow every day. I face the uncomfortable truths, do the things I love to fill my soul, and trust that I am enough, and I can help you do the same.

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